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100% Sustainable Rock from MarcoRocks


All Natural- Because what goes in your tank matters

The Finest All Natural Rock For Your Aquarium


Pest and Organics Free

Unique No Chemical Cleaning and Processing


Highly Porous and Perfectly Shaped

All Natural Oolitic Limestone Rock


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MarcoRocks is proud to supply the world’s finest stores, online retailers and public aquariums with the our 100% reef safe, aqua-scaping products.

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Placing MR Shelf and Reef Saver atop our Foundation Rock allows for an endless array of natural looking reef crests and caves while keeping things sturdy and safe.

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Everything you want and nothing you don’t want. It really is that simple..

Leave the pests, paint, leaching chemicals and unknowns out of your system. Predictability is the pre-curser to success.

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So on my new build decided to go with MarcoRocks dry rocks. One of my favorite part of the hobby is Aquascaping! I should say it took me a while to aquascape using MarcoRocks because there were so many possibilities!!! And I used the E-Marco 400 cement to put them together. This cement was amazing. Once dry held the rocks together very well. The rock itself is very porous. And came in different shapes and sizes that made it more fun to put together. Now my rocks are covered with organisms and coraline algae. Not to mention awesome corals. I’m glad I went with MarcoRocks. Really happy with it. And I would highly recommend this to everyone!


Ultra clean! The ONLY rock I trust to put in ANY tank at ANY time and not worry about leeching, ammonia spikes or having to wait till it cures. Just a small rinse and ready to tank or aquascape!! I always see people saying MarcoRocks has to be cured. I guess they mix up curing and cycling. I have NEVER needed to cure it. Every time I get a box I feel like a big kid about to play with Lego toys.

Romeo J. M.

Just before I left for work tonight my order from you had arrived. Unfortunately, I was on my way out the door and didn't have time to look at it. I just got home and immediately I opened the boxes. I was literally FLAWED when I saw all those rocks. Words can not describe all the thoughts that went through my mind. I opened up 2 foldable tables I have in my garage and quickly starting lying each rock onto those tables one at a time. I can't believe all the different shapes there are that I can use for aquascaping and the amount of holes in each rock for frags. All the rocks are so clean and pristine. I'm going to have a Field Day when it comes time to set-up this Floating Reef I'm designing. This might seem like an exaggeration to you because you see your rocks everyday, but to someone like myself that doesn't... I think it's AMAZING!

Chris P.

Just received my shipment a few days ago. Beyond happy with all the different shapes and sizes sent! First time reefer and didn't realize that I wouldn't have to cure this rock. Bonus for me 🙂

Robert C.

I’ve been using MarcoRocks in several of our large builds, including the main 20,000 g coral display at Long Island Aquarium & Exposition Center. As a curator and co-founder of the aquarium, I can’t think of a better natural product to build large reefscapes with. We recently put in 2000 lbs of rock, and there was zero impact to the water quality. Mostly reefsaver, foundation, and some shelf rock. We highly recommend MarcoRocks for any tank big and small.

Joe Y.

MarcoRocks will hands down make your tank rock! (Pun intended) I used 100 percent MarcoRocks in my tank and had it up and running within a month. Even transferred over all of my sps corals and did not lose a single coral in the transfer. It was super easy to make awesome aquascape structures with just a dab of cement. The rock is pretty dense so you know it’s not moving anywhere once you place your structure in the tank. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is starting up a new tank. You won’t be disappointed!!


I’ve had my 50 gallon reef tank for over 3 years and wanted to freshen up the look a bit. Upon Joe’s advice, I got 20 pounds of reefsaver MarcoRocks to replace some of the old rock, and I used E Marco 400 to bond the new rock to my existing reef structure. It was super easy to work with, and I followed their clear instructions on how to keep the rock wet while bonding. In 10-15 minutes I sent the new bonded scape back into the tank, and never looked back. Thanks Joe!

Bill P.

The best rock I’ve ever used! I added this to my rockscape in my 100 g and it was so easy, using the E-Marco bonding kit. I highly recommend the ReefSaver Rock and STAX.

Ben K.

I used to setup tanks with used or fresh live rock but could not stand the pests and nuisance algae that accompanied it. Had to rip apart a reef to remove aiptasia anemones! Someone recommended MarcoRocks so I gave it a try. After a quick cycle there’s no pests and awesome calcium carbonate rock that my corals love to attach to! Every tank will be MarcoRocks going forward for sure!

Pete D.Las Vegas

I incorporated MarcoRocks as the foundation to support my structural design. I was able to order a box of MarcoRocks and immediately put into my existing reef tank to help build up the structure with zero water quality concerns because these rocks are delivered 100% clean! No pests or critters to have to cure...Just opened the box and into my tank! From the box to my reef, no worries of critters and no wait nothing to cure! Thank you MarcoRocks.

Rich M.