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The E-Marco 400: your #1 choice for aquascaping bonding material

You may have heard the name, but is still not quite sure exactly what is?

Or maybe you know it is used for aquascaping, but how?

We have the answers!

Here’s the instructions included with every bucket of the E-Marco 400.

The E-Marco 400

Aquascape Mortar Kit – by MarcoRocks


  1. Add approximately 12ox (375ml) of water to the pouch of liquid polymer concentrate. (you will need ~ 16oz (500ml) total liquid for this 5LB kit) Seal bag and shake well.
  2. Because product becomes unworkable within 20 minutes, we recommend mixing a small amount at a time and simply make new small batches as you go. Mix a small amount of powder and liquid in the provided bucket. Mix well with spatula until contents are thick, wet, and no lumps. Add more liquid or powder to achieve this consistency. Liquid pouch, bag and bucket are all resealable and can be stored for later use.
  • The E-Marco 400 is a hydraulic mortar and it will cure in water. After setting, try not to handle for 1-2 hours. If handling, please do so gently. Full strength will be reached in 24 hours.
  • Rock does not need to kept dry during set time. If using on live rock or live rock with corals, you can use tank water in a bottle and spritz the live rock and coral for that 1-2 hours.
  • The kit contains more liquid than needed. Apply some to the rock surface before bonding for a tighter seal and stronger joint.

MarcoRocks is the finest all natural rock, and E-Marco 400 is 100% safe for all reef, fish, freshwater, and dry pet environments.

*we are in the process of switching the liquid to a resealable pouch.  Some customers may still receive the plastic bottle.