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"...When I saw all those rocks. Words can not describe all the thoughts that went through my mind. I opened up 2 foldable tables I have in my garage and quickly starting lying each rock onto those tables one at a time. I can't believe all the different shapes there are that I can use for aquascaping and the amount of holes in each rock for frags. All the rocks are so clean and pristine. I'm going to have a Field Day when it comes time to set-up this Floating Reef I'm designing. This might seem like an exaggeration to you because you see your rocks everyday, but to someone like myself that doesn't... I think it's AMAZING! If you ever have a customer that's a "Doubting Thomas", you give them my email address and I will be more than happy to give them my Customer Review of your product and make them a "Believer". I just wish I had a bigger tank for more rock." - Chris 2018


"I am happy to attest to the quality of the product and customer service! I have a new Nano tank and thanks to their guidance and their Nano kit, my biocube is happy cycling away with a beautiful rockscape! I cannot wait to add some critters and am grateful to for making this new venture so easy! - Lindsey 2018