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How much rock should I buy?

If MarcoRocks will be used as your primary biological filtration, the rule of thumb is 1 to1.5 Lbs per gallon. Depending on what type of scape you are looking to build.

If MarcoRocks will not be your primary Bio filter, We would recommend that you let whatever look is pleasing be your guide.


Can I add rock right into my established tank?

We do not recommend our rock or any other rock right into an established tank without testing first.

However you will find our Key Largo rock 100% free of organics or "pre cured" this makes it safe to tank in an established system without fear of an ammonia spike.


What is a cycle and how do I cycle my rock?

Cycle most often refers to one of two things with regard to live rock or base rock.

 a)The amount of time before your rock can act as a biological filter

 b)The amount of time before dried organic material and die off is rendered harmless

When cycling a new system we recommend using a bottled bacteria product (se use and sell the Fritz brand and have had great results over the years. For some extra bio diversity you can also add a cup of live sand and a small amount of live rock from an established tank to your tank. Because there is no organic material to die off and create ammonia on our rock we ship ammonia chloride with the Fritzyme bacteria, this will act as a food source for that bacteria. During this time you should monitor ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Once you see ammonia and nitrite stable at -0- or very near -0- and nitrate on a steady decline, your rock is considered “cycled”.


How much rock will I get in a 25# or 50# box or Marco rocks?

Unlike many live rock trans shippers we only sell net weight. This means if you pay for 50 pounds of rock you receive 50 pounds of rock. I wouldn’t put wet cardboard into my reef  and would never ask you to pay for it when buying something for yours.


Do you ship to Canada and other countries?

We do not currently ship orders directly to Canada or countries where we have a distribution network.

Please check HERE for the closest dealer in your country.

If we do not have a dealer that can help you in your country please e-mail for a shipping qoute.


Thanks for choosing MarcoRocks