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AquaScape tips and tricks

Aquascaping with Dry Rock


Using PVC and zip Ties:

A very basic yet effective tecquniqe

Can be use to stand up rock or fasten one piece to another




Using Thread Rod:

Align base piece of rock on acrylic mounting plate.

Drill through rock scoring acrylic


Drill and tap base plate where marked


Screw a piece of nylon thread rod into the base and place rock over it. Once rock is in position cut the rod and tighten the nut down on it.


From here you can use a combination of rod (mounted in rock to bolt the next rock) and a mortar product.

Our E-Marco-400 Mortar kit is perfect for this. The kit includes a reef and fish safe mortar and to help adhesion an acrylic polymer liquid.

The E-Marco-400 kit makes bonding pieces together a breeze.


Using Motar:

Be sure to wet the pieces with a water and acryl mix to get optimum bonding. Use sand as a mold and support for intersting shapes and overhangs.

(I use aragonite sand and rubble rock wherever the mortar mix is likely to touch and pick it up.)



Rubble rock and this mortar mix is also great for back walls and overflow box covers.


Once cycled and covered in coralline you'll not be able to see where natural begins and ends

Most Important of all:

Be Creative and

Have Fun With It !